I bought the Warrior plans around 5 weeks ago intending this to be a project to keep me busy over the winter since I'm retiring in 6 weeks. Well then somehow a 20 foot piece of 16 gauge 1 1/2" tubing found its way to my garage. Shortly after that the welding helmet got a new set of batteries and after a week or so the main part of frame sits welded up on a makeshift bench. An EVO Toba road bike with a Bion X HD500 watt hub motor will be used as a donor for the rear wheel/hub motor, hydraulic disc brakes, and crank set. The rear wheel is a 700c with a 28" tire on so the first rear wheel holder made to fit a 26" wheel was set on a shelf and a 2nd stretched out 2" over the plans length was built.
Next there was the annual City stolen bike auction that luckily was just down the street from house where a few $20 bikes were purchased. A couple days later the adjustable bottom bracket was built. For that I got a Shimano cartridge 73-122mm for the crankset. Reading through the plans I decided to visit my LBS and see if I could order a couple front wheels. So even though it was a bit pricey they ordered 2 front 20" wheels, 36 spoke 20MM axle diameter and those had Schwable marathon greenguard tires installed. That's were it sits now. Instead of welding the 5/8 bolts a trip to Princess Auto yielded 8 bronze bushings that slid over the 5/8th" bolt. Still a bit of play inside the hub so I found my old feeler gauge and removed the .010 strip and wrapped it around the bushing. Very nice fit now. The plan is to go after work to a place called Adams Supply after work tomorrow to get a 6" wide strip of .010 shim stock plus 2 5/8th" bolts of the correct length. Then a dab of red loctite between the bolt and bushing and another between the shim stock and bushing if that will not take up too much room. Eventually I will add a couple pictures.