Hi, Have been looking at Trikes for a while now and just bought the plans for a Timberwolf. I live approx. 180 Km WNW of Brisbane in a small town.
From the start, I am planning on a few modifications, namely, Electric drive as well as normal pedals. This will be from a motor that I have had lying around for several years now, bought with exactly this purpose in mind. I already have an electric bike with a front wheel mounted hub motor, but want to stay away from them for the main reason that I want the motor to drive through gears. Everything is up in the air at the moment and I am still in the process of reading through the plans.
My initial thoughts were to have the pedals drive via the motor onto the rear drive cogs. This has changed now to having two separate drives. One via the pedals to one rear wheel and the other via the motor the other rear wheel.
OK, so what about gears. I want it basically low maintenance so would prefer to use an internally geared hub as opposed to a derailleur. OK if so how do I mount it? I have come up with a thought and if anyone is interested to comment I would appreciate it.
So if I use a Sturmey Archer Internal Hub the main outer casing between the two flanges that the spokes go onto is basically a parallel round tube. If I mount each Hub forward of the rear axle and use a flat drive belt from the outer casing of the SA hub to a drive pulley on each rear axle.
I don't know if anyone has though of this before but the question arises, is the SA hub strong enough for this? The motor will only be a 250W motor and used as pedal assist until the speed gets up there on the flats.
There are a few more mods I may make, but this is the main one. Any comments are welcome.