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Looks neat. Looks uncomfortable. Guess I'll stick with what's worked flawlessly for these last 100+ years...... lol Thanks for sharing
It's actually got the same ride height and seating position as a normal family car. The seat needs more padding and a back rest maybe. But you wouldn't say a family car sitting position was uncomfortable would you?

Have you ever thought that normal 'flawless' bikes have got the aerodynamics of a house brick! A big one uses more petrol than a family car. The main reason is the position of the handlebars which force you to sit in a certain position - almost bolt upright, facing the wind. And the handlebars are where they are because of the tellies. No, normal bikes are not flawless. Why not try to improve them?

I went into Decathlon the other day looking at bicycles. You could get a decent standard bike for £260 that weighed 12 kg. Or you could pay £500 or a 10 kg bike, or £1300 for an 8 kg bike. All of the components got lighter with price. You pay FIVE TIMES the price to get 2/3 weight. My bike is 2/3 the weight of an equivalent Honda. It's HALF the weight of a 250 cc Vespa that has about the same top speed!

So I kind of don't understand why you don't get it.