Have a Warrior with 14mm axles that I have yet to ride for fear of breaking an axle (should be 3/4 20mm axles?? jury is still out). The trike was only ridden by grandkids and daughter with no real issues but I want something to ride when we go camping. So a Stree Fox is my choice and vandalize the Warrior for all the necessary parts. I have a nice mountain bike w/ suspension I plan to start cutting up for additional parts if needed.
Present Warrior has rim brakes, plan to install a 20" 48 spoke rear wheel with an ultra low sprocket(6 speeds)
Going with a straight cross boom as per Twinkle but the 14mm axles?? I am aprox 240 and losing weekly weight (We call it the Lean Cuisine diet)
Have bearings ordered for going with 3/4" axles but will give the 14mm BMX wheels a go.
Have worked out a simple jig for drilling the cross beam as per Twinkles drawing.
Will take lots of build photos this time.