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here is a pic of the donor bike I am going to carve up for parts. The swing arm pivot is mixed in with the BB unit so have some figuring to sort out before It goes under the knife.
Pic has a 26" wheel but will install a 48 spoke 20" wheel on the rear.
Mr Idaho,
Please read the Streetfox plans. You do nothing with the BB on that triangle unless your looking to use it in a mid-drive configuration or as a chain guide. It is not used otherwise but left intact. It is part of the pivot and cannot be altered to save the BB for anything without ruining the triangle. That's why you need more than 1 bicycle to salvage for these plans.
Most commercial suspension bikes I have seen keep the BB and the rear wheel together on the same triangle. This is to keep chain line less complex I believe.
So you leave it intact and use the pivoting assembly. This is what makes the Streetfox a simple easy build. The use of 20 inch rear wheel will give you a good low gear to climb hills and make the length a bit shorter. Too bad you cannot find a 20 triangle to make it even more compact. Plus it add complexity to adding a rear brake unless your adding disc brake to rear. And then is will be another added complexity. Building a mount for it that is.