I don't know if this has been mentioned yet but Photobucket has changed rules on image linking and now wants about $400 a year to continue.

Of course as a pensioner I don't have that kind of money.
Many of my old threads and posts have PB linked images and shortly they will disappear to be replaced with a PB notice.

To me it is rather like a ransomware attack. It leaves forums gutted.
Many others have just downloaded their images and closed accounts
I feel very let down as I had posted material that I hoped would be helpful to people in the future on this and other foruims.

So what to do? I can download images back to my computer at present I think, but have them saved anyway.

Question is: Can I and others affected get access then to edit old posts to replace images?

Perhaps PB will realize what they are doing and have a change of heart but unlikely. The site is now overrun with advertising and near impossible to use. If you run an ad blocker it won't let you in. Not sure what would happen if I block via Linux Hosts file. I think if they keep this up they will go broke.

Anyway enough whinging. Jut wanted to give a heads up and see what we can do to recover.