Hi y'all! I am new to bike building. In fact, I've never built or even modified one before. Even so, my personality is extreme, and I want my first build to be extreme. I have built many different things in my 55 years, but never a bike. I am looking forward to learning as I go forward.

Now, as a lead up to my question: My first bike will be loosely based on the Overkill Phat Ass Extreme Chopper. I say loosely based because it will have a 15"x10" wheel in back, similar to the one the A.Z. himself built and sells the plans for, but it will have a MUCH heavier frame. In fact, it will be about 4 times heavier than the original. This bike will be only for show and fun, maybe some shows and/or parades, so I won't be riding as much as I do my daily recumbent, although I do plan on riding it in at least one SlowRoll {slowroll.bike} event in Detroit (approx. 10 miles) when finished. So, now, for my question:
  1. Seeing as I will only be riding it on mostly level terrain, what would be a good gear-inch ratio be? I want to be able to start relatively easily, yet maintain an average speed of 8-10 mph. I am building a custom rear axle with a 2-speed internal shifting hub so I can take advantage of a lower starting gear without the need for derailleurs.

Thank you in advance for your help. I look forward to posting progressive pics as I begin construction of the frame within the next couple weeks.
Mark (TMBerman)