Couple of pics of my build. Not an Atomic Zombie design but I wouldn't be able to build it if I hadn't bought 8 sets of plans. I bought 6 last year when I was planning to build a trike and 2 more this year when I switched to a 2 wheeler.

That's not my seat, that's a cardboard template to get an idea of dimensions. I'm making the seat adjustable, rather than explain how I'll post pics when I get to that point. It might not work and will add a bit of weight but the ability to go from a more reclined to a more upright position might be a good idea considering what the bike is for. It's for a cross Canada trip, probably 80% of which will be on unpaved trail. From what I've read balance can be tricky when laying on your back on uneven terrain. I'd like to be able to sit up more when I need control or if I'm in heavy traffic and want to be able to see. If it seems a waste or doesn't work as planned I can always change it later.

Of course if the seat is adjustable so must the handlebars be and I've taken that into consideration.

Had a problem welding that bit of downtube to the main beam, it's too thin and keeps burning through. I'm going to cut it off and replace it with a piece of square tubing. I was so proud of myself for cutting the angle right too lol. I suppose it doesn't need to be there at all, the weld to the seat tube will hold the main beam, but it makes it look better I think than to have the bottom bracket just hanging down there. It wouldn't hurt to have the added strength of a brace under there I suppose.

I'm going to remove the remote steering headtube and redo that with square tubing as well. I used the 2"round tube it was attached to out of laziness after hammering it thinner to 1.5". It's ugly as is. Plus the bit of cross bar is still on there because of the way they intersected, ugly.

As it is it's crazy long, over 9', but I expect to shorten it. I wanted to get it together and find out the limits of where I'll sit and how much room I need first, better to start too long than too short. I'm expecting it'll be about 8' long though when finished. I'm okay with that, it won't be doing a lot of city riding.

My welds suck. I had to grind a few down and redo them. Probably going to redo a couple again yet. They should be strong enough but are ugly. Anyone cover their messy welds with Bondo?