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Sorry don't seem to have a name for you ?

Look at the front of my Python , and absolute nightmare to try and get 2 brakes & 2 gear changers & cables and chains etc all between your legs/feet ?

Now look at this example ?

Nice and uncluttered with brakes on rear wheels , still looks a neat layout and easier to keep clean and work on.?

From here


The only real advantage [ is it ? ] mine has is that as all the cables are on the front I undo one bolt and it separates into 2 ?

Have I used that ? well in 3 years I did it once to enable a rescue when I had a puncture and forgot my pump.

Front is still very heavy and unwieldy , so would be lighter if brakes were on back.

This also uses simple brakes.

There are some other pictures I have on my main computer showing a simple python rear end using front forks if you want me to add them ?

Easy brake mounting and could be added to yours ?

By the way what size axles do you have on the rear wheels ?