I have now used the phyton for 6+ month, so I thought it's time for a update.

I have replaced the seat.

It's now split at then bottom so I have been able to lower the seat about 50mm. The split pieces are a bit to small so new ones are to be made soon.

I also changed the support for the backrest down to the frame.

So now I hope a get a few more grams of the weights on the front wheel.

As you can see on this picture my paint job was no good, the undercoat did not stick.

If you look at the first picture there is tape on the front of the frame leftover from a night ride.

When I removed the tape the paint come off.

Sorry bad picture

I used generic spray paint from rust-oleum

The primer has superior adhesion, superior to what???

I first sanded down the whole frame with 120gr emery cloth, and then degreased with xylene solvent cleaner, when i moved in to my house the xylene was left by previous

occupants and I have lived in this house for 20+ years. I have used it for cleaning paint brushes after hammerite type paints. I sprayed 2 to 3 layers of primer followed with the

same amount of colour, following the instructions on the tin.

The bike will be eventually striped down and repainted. I work in the engineering field and many of my clients do powder coating, but one part of me want's me to master

the paint job myself. I'm tempting to try enamel paint, suppliers of enamel paint for sign writers has a good color range, and a pub sign normally looks good after many years.

Maybe combined it with the 50$ car paint technic http://www.rickwrench.com/index79mas...llarpaint.html.

But I will not use rust-oleum, never again.