The project continues albiet slowly. i got hung up on the percieved problem of tape that will stick to coroplast and a glue that will bind to it since the Dacron will need to be glued in a few spots to hold it in place prior to be shrunk with the iron I got from an aircraft supply house. for the tape I finally went to Home Depot and picked up a roll of 3m Scoth heavy duty duct tape and a roll of Nathua snow and ice tape. Both seem to hold quite well and I think the snow and ice tape holds a bit better. For the issue of a bonding agent-read glue- I bought and tested JB plastic weld. First an ice pick was used to poke a lot of holes on 2 test scrap coro pieces. They were then smeared with the JB plastic weld and then many more holes on the top of the coro and a piece of Dacron pressed into the JB. In both cases the JB was pushed into the ice pick holes and it is holding exceptionally well. All of the solutions to these 2 problems I could find on the net seemed to involve very expensive chemicals and thats not happening. Coro is very slippery stuff. So far the front side panels have been cut and mounted along with the top panel and the right rear panel was cut out today as well. The nose so far is just a flat panel but I,m thinking a more rounded piece will be made. The coro has so far met my expectations, it bends quite nicely around the frame giving it a rounded shape. I've taken a couple pictures but it really needs all the panels constructed and in place so the zip ties can be applied properly. I will photo the steps as it proceeds. Then it will be taken off the work table and given a once over to ensure the lines are not too far out. This because of the way it was built, I tried to ensure all measurements were equal on both sides but am sure it will need a little readjustment. Once all the panels are done and tied together tape will be applied to all the seams. After that the Dacron will be applied, glued down and shrunk using the small iron