Hey Hugh,
Do you have any pictures you might post of the controls in their current position?

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Started to re attach the metal fenders then thought there might not be enough clearance when the wheels are turned. This because the front wheels are enclosed and the body was made as narrow as possible while still encasing the front wheels. So since the main issue was the tight tolerances between my knuckles when gripping the bars and the tires I took a different route. Since day 1 the controls had always been diamond frame specific -that is from the ends of the bars, in order grips, brake lever then shifter. That order was always awkward when shifting and braking was not what you call ergonomic either. So yesterday all the controls, grips etc were removed from the bars. The ends were then cut off the grips and they were slipped over the bars and pushed far enough down that the brake levers went on then the shifters. Just sitting in the garage and setting the brakes and shifters to the right position was a AHA moment. Now the brake levers are easily pulled with my thumbs plus the shift levers fall to hand more readily. This good because the gears are 27 speed and the easier they are to access the smoother the shiting will be. And by moving the grips down a bit there is more clearance for my hands. In trying to find a method of holding the rear main body down the first attempt will be simple, a 12 pack of bungee cords was picked up and I shortened a couple of them till one was made that I think can be used. The lower hook will for now be put around the chain stay brace that was added to the rear wheel assembly and pinched shut to keep it on and hopefullu I can reach around my back and hook it to the bodywork. There will be a longer test ride by tomorrow to test all this