There is one velomobile that I know of here in Winnipeg, I think it's a quest, and was brought in from the Netherlands. I desire to build something along that line. Been reading about Brads velo and looking on the net for more info as well. I found some info on a Lightfoot cycles velocar made from around 1984 to 2008 thats seems doable. They came in a couple different configurations from a single seat with cargo to a van style even a pickup. Like Brads design they used a delta trike as the frame basis. So with winter approaching and having a heated seperate garage a new build will be started. Not for a speedster, I have the Warrior for that but for a cool little Velocar. Over the next few days I will purchase some plans, and combine them. I,m thinking Delta style, able to carry possibly a passenger with rear suspension and possibly front as well.