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Are there ANY photos of this project -- I just looked through 72 posts and could not find any? Post 63 you say here are some picts but they don't show...
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Forum. Postimage.Org suddenly without notification has changed servers. It it now Postimage.cc. But any photo links which were posted via .org are no longer connected. The photos are and accounts are still valid- But because of the Change in Servers the links cannot connect. And because of our editing limits we do not have the power to reconnect by editing the posts. If you desire you can re-link photos via. .CC. But they will not be connected to the original posting. Unsure why this happened. But it has been discussed. Longrider if you used postimage.org. Your photos are gone too. It is similar to my Picasa links are gone because Google close it down. Thus many of my earlier photos are gone. It is not the fault of Brad or Atomic Zombie. It is the internet world and its constant changes in the world and how it works around us. We will just have to adapt to the changes. Brad has announce he plans to change this forum anyways. But that will take time I am sure. So change is inevitable. And we cannot cry over the spilled milk. Its life and we must adapt or we have nothing. This site is provided by Brad and Kat. And they have done a super job attempting to maintain it. But it is not their sole priority in life. I am as disappointed as anyone. But we need to move on.
Huge if you go to Postimage.CC you can link your old photos to this posting again if you desire. IT will take a bit of effort but I leave that up to you. And thanks you for posting what you have in the previous posts. It has been a fun read and watch.