I finished the build of the tailbox today, it is ready to be covered in the Dacron. Wimped out a bit on the sloping section that goes from the headrest to the rear of the tail, I had hoped to curve it but instead it is made of 3 flat trangular pieces. Inside it is a battery box to hold the small 12 Volt battery and the tail end has 3 cutouts. A 4" round right at the back for the taillight and 2 small 3/4" round on each side at the back to hold the yellow penny sized signal lights. No tape was used on any tailbox seams, just a few plastic zip ties and hot glue. I use a propane torch to heat the tip of a flat screwdriver which is then pushed through the coroplast to make a nice zip tie sized hole. For the hot glue I've been using my pencil soldering iron to melt a series of small holes along the seams and then hot gluing using a 60 watt glue gun. It seems to work well but time will tell. I forgot my camera in the house and my being lazy coupled with a minus 30 temp meant a couple pics will be forthcoming tomorrow. I am a bit anxious about the Dacron since it's a new thing for me but hey I learn by doing. If it goes well the front main body just needs a few days worth of work before it too can be covered. One of the people in a group of recumbent riders I met this year has been taking his trike out on the Red River skating trail which is several km's long this year and he would like to organize a group ride. This is at an area called the Forks which is the junction of the Red and Assiniboine rivers so there is a possibilty the first skakedown ride with the body may be on ice.