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    An update to the Warrior body. The new body is going to be modular. By that I mean it is being built in sections. The front section has been built, it covers my feet and almost to the knees. It's frame is lightweight aluminum angle pop riveted together and the coroplast panels are held to the frame with small bolts. I opted for a flat profile nose instead of pointed, it's surface is roughly 19" wide by 15" high. It has cutouts for the headlight and turn signals. Since enclosed bodies are hot in summer a different front panel will swapped in with some venting holes for air circulation. One problem with the Warrior frame is it's a bit difficult to add decent support for a body but I think I've figured that out now. The hope is to design a door on the right side because the easiest way for me to get on or out of the trike is to swing my legs over the front wheel, while turning my body to the side and then standing up and the reverse to sit on it. A couple photos have been taken and I will share them.
    windows screenshot
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