Took the trike off the worktable so I could sit on it, and decided to cut out the front windshield piece. Asides from the pleasure of sittin on it again, it was necessary to check out a good location for the 2 mirrcycle mirrors and also determine a good height for the winshield. It seems a good height for the top of it is just at eye level so it can be looked over or if crouched a bit get full face coverage. 3" high by 19 5/8" was the right amount. I'm using 1/16th lexan and the front has to have a curve top and bottom. First 2 tries using a plastic scribing tool resulted in the piece cracking in the wrong spot, prob because I was trying to make it break in a curve. I decided to try the pencil soldering iron. Once it got nice and hot I drew it slowly along the penned in line making a melted scribe line. Then it broke off exactly where I wanted it leaving a bit of flashing which easily was removed then a little bit of sanding along the edges and voila, all done. Tomorrow will see the side windshield pieces completed then a little more Dacron work