Thanks for the kind comments. This build is very much a test bed. I honestly have no idea of how durable/practical it will be. The coro is easy to work with however I do have concerns, it is quite soft, it is after all a light plastic. All the research done on the intenet seemed to indicate that given coro's composition there are few glues that reliably work with it, a few were found that claimed to work but they seemed to be unavailable and / or real expensive here in Winnipeg. There are a lot of builders making these and many use taped seams but I can't accept that in a hot summer tape alone will continue to hold, a couple people have mentioned on other sites that eventually the tape just becomes a sticky mess. Thats why I went with the plastic ties and also the JB plastice bond and in a few spots hot glue. The Dacron covering-thanks to darnthedog for that idea- is an attempt to get a better paintable surface plus kind of smooth the surface out a bit. It does show all the bumps from the ties, bits of glue etc but I am okay with that. The tailbox is now covered and ready for paint and the main part of the body now has the Dacron draped over it in preparation for trimming to fit then gluing. At 60" width the cloth was not wide enough to cover the body lengthwise in one piece so the Dacron will be laid over the rear portion of the body widthwise calling for a second piece at the front, it means a seam but I can live with that as well. This is after all a test, if the finished product gives good weather protection and offers some streamline effect against the wind I will call it a success. But for today I am taking a break, we are having a heatwave, it's supposed to go up to zero and i will be meeting some old friends at Birds Hill provincial park to ride the fatbike on their singletrack trail. For any here who are stuck in warm climates LOL if you go to youtube and type Burr Oak trail in Birds hill park there is a video made showing what its like. Note, I,m 65 and do not jump the bike, I just ride the trails.