This morning at our town breakfast (american vets monthly benefit town breakfast) I was question if a motorized bike / trike could be built.
My first thought was a Street Fox with rear suspension, a mid drive 48v motor (needed for hill climbing) with about 85 pounds of camping gear.
Keep the front track about 30 inches for ease of going through a gate (need to measure) a rear rack that holds gear similar to panniers (rack mounts on each side of the rear wheel) battery mounted behind seat back.
Use 48H x 20" x 3/4" wheel hubs. Rear 20 inch as well for slight low gear improvement.
Thinking 2 inch box tube frame with cross bar under the frame instead of on top for increased rider height (woopi 2 inches higher). Add gussets to cross bar for added rigidity.
Oh yea, a 4 inch x 20 inch fat tire on the rear and maybe on the front?