Hi all

I live in Sweden, on the west coast, on the island of Orust just north of Gothenburg.
I surfed the web for information about recumbent bikes and found atomiczombie.com. Have been here and looked around many times but now I think it's time to build a bike. I have about 1 hour bike ride to the ferry and then maybe 20 minutes after when I go to work so I think a recumbent bike would be great to have. Now it's time to decide which model I want to try first.
I think an LWB is more steady to drive with than an SWB in higher speed, is it so?
I think a trike is heavier to ride with than a 2 wheeler, is it so?
I think a low (Voyageur) is less sidewind sensitive than a high (highroller), is it so?
I think it is no problem to clime with a recumbent if you have an enough low gear ratio or is it ?
Our house is about 80 meter ( just over 260 feet) over the sealevel.

Waiting for my new welding coming in February I hope, and a bit warmer weather because I do not have heat in the workshop (-:

// Mats