Hi Brad,

Being so new to this web site makes me feel like i'm late to the party. It seems there are not so many "members" using it at the same time.

The idea of adding different subjects sounds like a good one. Anyone willing to DIY with bikes might already be using DIY for other subjects.

At least it's worked for me. Now approaching 70 and have been a DIY er for most of my life. Looking forward to what you plan to add.

Only one suggestion to add.

Please consider adding another way to reach you, and to make payments for plans or other products.

I, for one, will not use the internet to "buy online" any more after some past trouble. Old fashioned perhaps, but I do not trust the net to be secure
no matter what is said or how popular.

If there was a Post Office box to send to, it might take a month or two, but no sensitive numbers could be hacked.

Of course someone could still steal the mail. there is always some risk.

Sure love the variety of bike builds here AZ. Something for everyone, and any skill level.

Would be fun to see that same variety applied to home, garden, cars/trucks, hobbies, boats or others.

thanks again for your work here. bkentr