Hi Frank,
Yes, there is lots here at AZ that i'm hoping to find.

Been bike hacking on and off for many years, but am new to this forum.

My favorites have been what I called "fun bikes", using old BMX and upsizing for adults. Now I ruined after seeing all the other stuff on display here.

Was real excited about recumbents about 15 years ago, made several. The LWB was favorite at the time.
One SWB was made from a BMX and was very quick to build. Already had gears added. Just welded on a BB with extension onto the head tube, ran some guides for the chain,
then added a seat with back. Also added underseat steering.
It road fine.
Sold and gave them all away. Have lots of other ideas and concepts to possibly build, as seen in the "gallery".

Thanks for your reply, it's fun to hear from other countries.