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As a former business owner, 'quality service' was what kept us ahead of the competition.

And whether that 'service' is 'free' or paid for, if it is offered to the public,
it should still maintain the same level of quality .

Postimage.org has yet (to my knowledge) apologized, for the loss of service regarding photo retrieval.

It is a shame this was brought down to the personal level. But it was.
So if anyone finds this to be too 'rich', then I am one very wealthy man.

This will be my last post on this subject, however here is my reply to the postimage.org reply.

Your reply comes as a complete surprise.

Yet, I find your answer is still totally without merit.
Still no apology, from anyone in the postimage.org organizantion.
All you have done is re-send virtually the same original message.

I'm sure all of you are IT experts and can solve most any problem, that may creep into your computers.
Many if not most of the users in the 'real world' are not experts.

As most business failures, I don't expect your business to tell, us your customers, the truth about what is 'really' the issue.
And to suggest that I, as a customer, or our forum admin, should solve/correct the problem, is bad customer service.

I was a loyal customer, and though the service that you offered me, was free, it was a service which you, guaranteed.
A service that still required the same quality service, as any other service.
You have failed in that guarantee, and failed me as a loyal customer.

Disappointed Customer
Oh Ed' I fear that I have offended you, and it was not my intention to do so at all. So, please accept a humble apology from me if (as I perceive) this is the case.
I wasn't intending to single anyone one out for any form of criticism, but on re-reading it, I can see how it can be seen that way and I certainly didn't intend any personal insult/affront.
Our individual views are equally worthy of both consideration and respect, and it was not my intent to be bad mannered (it is not my way at all).
For my part, while the loss of working links in our historic posts is an annoyance, it isn't the end of the world. AZ admins and or DB administrators can resolve this in the fullness of time and all will be well again.

Best Wishes.