Hi Bruce

When I check into the StreetRunners thread, the photo's are there.
BUT, if you click on the photo for the enlarged version, I get this...

This site can’t be reached
postimg.org’s server IP address could not be found.

On my Tab 2, all I get is the little square blue icon with a '?' in it.

You have to be kidding me. Just tried to upload the image below,
even with this message showing

postimg.ORG domain is locked by Registry, no prior notice.
While we hope to resolve the issue, we chose postimg.CC as our new home.
Please update codes embedded in your websites.

And not only did it upload, you can click on it and it enlarges...go figure !
Yet it won't work that way with photos already uploaded...at least not for me.

Computers....don't you just love'em