found an old frame hidden away when tidying up.
was used to teach mate to weld but he lost interest after he got right hand boom angle wrong so dumped in corner.
plan is to use it as test bed for some ideas i have.
looks bit like Frankensteins monster but rather cut and hack this about then build new frame when happy with this one.
so far
have spliced in 5" to extend boom
cut v in right-hand boom to get angle right.
thrown old triangle and some wheels on it.
it as an adjustable front boom done using seat tube and post welded to bottom bracket from kids bike.
that's on opposite side to normal as runs to small cog fitted to crank on bottom bracket.
that crosses to normal cog and back to normal cassette.
have used rear cog and hub bits to get chain to clear boom.
and used stem and handlebars for bottom chain.
handlebars for guide need cutting shorter but on as test at min.
plenty more to do but bit at time.