After finally lacing and mounting up a rear wheel/tire for a future chopper project, I was a bit disappointed
when the tire went flat after a week or so.

After adding cans of "spare tire" flat repair in a can, and then "slime" to stop the leak, the leak won.

Turns out the valve stem of the inner tube was forced into a bad bind. That caused the tube to stretch
enough to split.

What a fight to take things back apart. Went ahead and repainted the hub and wheel while apart.

Things went smoother the next time around.

I drilled a new hole for the valve stem by matching the spot closer to where the stem was on the new tube. Filled the old hole in. Used silicone gasket seal to cover the heads of the spoke nipples, instead of tape. Spread a thin film of wheel bearing grease on the bead of the tire and wheel.

Went on without much trouble. Had room to tip the tire and slide the tube in and locate the valve stem.
The second side also went on without a big fight.

Still holding air. Now all that's left is to build the rest of the bike.