Well I went out today to Birds Hill provincial park which is only about 15 minutes from my home to give a further test to the High Roller. Over the last few days 2 friends tried it in the back lane, neither had ever ridden a recumbent before and each was able, after wobbling like a drunken sailor down the lane to straighten out a lot on the way back. So off I went to a nice secluded bike path with a small incline so I could start easily. It provided a rollout of a couple hundred feet and I would roll down, stop and get off then walk back up, did this about 6 times. Then finally at the bottom I figured it was time and managed to start, got my other foot onto the pedal and ride. A bit wobbly at first but forcing myself to remain calm, and trust the bike and we were off. Managed to go about a kilometer then stopped and rode back. What a feeling, almost as good as first learning to ride except now I'm almost 66. It's gonna take some time but that's OK. Plus being a recumbent when winter comes it will be placed onto my trainer and will be way more comfortable then the old Sekine 10 I was using.