Hi there

Well SWMBO had 5 days away and I wondered if I could build a trike in that time ?

Now into day 7 and this is what I have got done ?

Front end is made from some strong forks and again the rear of a 20" MTB , the idea is to build a MBB trike almost identical to my Python Mk1 so I can compare the 2 ?

This is the same track and wheelbase as the Mk1 , however it will have disc brakes on the rear and the rear axle has been lowered to allow more luggage space.

I have build 4 MBB bikes and given them all away as they are EVIL , the front end usually has the ability to rotate over 300' and with the weight of the pedals can move extremely quickly in either direction usually stopping when it hits some part of your anatomy

So why am I building another ?

As I don't need 300' of movement I decided if I can limit the movement to a little more than the Python , at least no more than 160' it should be safer and more manageable ?
The idea is to try and implement tank steering and I assume the steering rods will limit it without me doing anything else ?
Like this example.

It is taking longer as I want to improve certain aspects of the Python that were only stop gaps till I had time to improve them , like the seat mounts and rear brakes etc...

The 2 halves are not yet connected as it is easier to work on the disc brake mounts and weld them on while it is separate.

I want a easier/neater seat mount so intend mounting crush tubes through the frame under the front and rear seat mounts to give about 5" of adjustment and less messy underneath the frame ?

So get rid of some of this ?

Still working on it just slowed down a little , and need to get a 2 wheeler ready for a 75 mile ride next Saturday,