.....heh heh, gotta love those TLA's.

Well now, been running my easy rider LWB for a couple of years now in it's current guise, but fancied a change. Must admit the high rise bars win on looks, but some arm fatigue sets in after a while, so thought I'd give USS a try:

Made up some bars and attached them to an old steel hub:

Couple of plates on the frame make for easy installation of the hub and bars:

Connecting rod attached to fork, will respray later after some rides:

Other end attached to the bars. Two inch offset from centre line at both ends:

And here's how it looks now:

Did a test ride yesterday, and feels great. Arm position is about same as on my trike, which feels very comfy.

LWB seem to have fallen out of favour recently, but they are great bikes to ride, and closest thing to limo comfort that I've ridden so far..........