I have started on a Marauder reloaded while I gather the bits for the Kyoto Cruiser. Can't let the welder get cold and its a while since I built the Wolf. My excuse is too much fun riding the Wolf.

Anyway, I couldnt find a suspension back end so I'm making it. I have cut down a normal rear end to suit. The old BB will be the pivot. It just happens that 30mm ball races are a neat fit in the old bearing cups. Might need a bit of bearing mount too. I've put a bearing in each cup and a spacer tube between them to hold them in place. When I do up the cups all is good.

The outside ends will need two short spacers and then a bolt through the lot will hold it together.

Only problem so far is how I will hinge it to the main tube in a neat and workmanlike manner. The BB width will be about 82mm including the spacers and the main tube is only 42mm.

Haven't decided whether to use a spring or an elastomer. I have a spring but its heavy. I think the elastomer would be lighter.

I envisage a capped tube on the chainstay piece sliding loosely into a bigger tube on the main frame with some elastomer material in it. It cound be left loose so I could fold the back end under for transport as is done with the Moulton folder.

This is what Ive managed so far.

John Lewis