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Thread: Locutus' second build, the Electric-assist Street Fox (AKA: The NoPEC-1)

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  1. Default Locutus' second build, the Electric-assist Street Fox (AKA: The NoPEC-1)

    Today, at last, I've started construction of my electrically assisted Street Fox. I have everything I need to build a functional HPV version. The electric components will be purchased after the trike has been built, since they are quite spendy.

    I've decided to name this build The NoPEC-1, as in:


    Preparations leading up to this build are discussed here:

    Here I've displayed the parts and materials for the build all together. The 26" MTB rear wheel will be eventually replaced by a hub motor on the black rim shown:

    Here I'm using part of the same jig I had used when I built the Marauder to set up the wheel for working on the axle mount:

    I tried using some wire and fishing line to sight the center point steering angles. the wire sets in the top of the steer tube and I pulled the string through the other end. I can sight the exact center line this way. However, I found it a bit unwieldy to do by myself, so I ended up just eyeballing down through the tube.

    The 20mm bolts I'm using for axles have heads nearly as big as the axle mounting tabs Brad uses in the plans. They're a full half inch thick and 1 3/16" wide, flat to flat. I decided to simply notch the crowns of the steer tubes and weld the bolt head directly to them. I'll tie in the bottom with a bit of 1/8 plate for reinforcement. Here's the first one with a single tack weld:

    I'd like to have this build finished by National Bike To Work Day, on May 15. I'll probably not have the electric components installed, but hopefully I'll have it completed as an HPV. That only gives me four weeks. Yikes. The Marauder took about 2 months to build, but I think this one may be simpler and quicker. For one thing, I now have one build's worth of experience under my belt. For another, I don't have to fabricate a rear triangle from scratch, since I'm using a suspension triangle from a mountain bike.

    Wish me luck, guys and gals.
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