I just answered a post about bars and thought I might put a post here where it could be found easier. This is old stuff but you can make your bars cool by extending them. You can extend them just shy of hand grips so that the weld can be covered or go wild and make them long. This can be a one of a kind custom set of bars.

This picture shows bars I made from a set of 20" girls bike (pink and white) and extended them so that the grips would cover the welds and making them 31" wide. The other bar above were a set of cruisier bars I bought that are 29" wide.

I went and painted them red

.....and put them on this last week. This is not the bike they were intended for but I was in a pinch to get bars to work for this bike. I will take a pair of English bars and make a custom set for this Vista Swingbike.

Take a shot at it and make some yourself.