Well, its only been sitting all forlorn in my shed for over 12months so I decided I had better finish it off and actually paint it as well.
I had to, I need a ride for the xmas parades, my low rider has bit the dust and the new low rider still has a couple of weeks work left to complete.

The front brake is a back pedal brake hub laced into the frone wheel. Its difficult to get a front brake on springers but this works a bit too well if not careful.

The chain guard was cut from a sheet of steel and welded to a 3mm x30mm wide steel strip.

The springs came from Bunnings (aussie hardware store) and are plated with something that tarnishes as you look at them. These are polished then sprayed with clear lacquer.
The overall paint is Renault fire red metallic, 1 coat and a very quick overcoat of spray can clear.