Yep, I am already half through another build, and will post a few photos soon.
I was actually planning to do a cargo bike next, but here is how plans diverted...

I had to steal the two front wheels from the Warrior to use on the Viking, and figured I would swap them back when needed. But since storage space is so valuable, and the Viking was just as good with a single rider, I put my Warrior on the organ donor list. I still have my all time favorite StreetFighter for lonewolf riding, so I made the decision to carve the Warrior into a Lowracer!

Warriors throw Tomahawks, so the name just seemed to fit!

The Tomahawk will be part Warrior (rear) and part LowRacer (front), looking like a Rans Raptobike or similar for styling.

I have just purchased a matching 20" front and am building up the wheel right now.

When completed, the Tomahawk should take the lead as my lightest and fastest recumbent, weighing a pound or 2 more than a production SWB of good quality.

More to come!