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    Default My Motorized from scratch Streetfox

    Here are a few pictures of my just finished modified Streetfox. I built everything from scratch as I was having a hard time finding old bicycles suitable for what I was doing. I did not want a spring suspension on the back because I wanted it as solid as possible for the motor drive. The front end is built from scratch using automotive bearings because of the higher speeds I was going to be going.

    It has the 32cc Golden Eagle Bike Engine and because it is more aerodynamic than a standard bicycle, the top speed on the flat is 48 MPH. The GBE engine has the Hi performance carb and the hi performance K&N air cleaner.

    I have not painted it yet as I am still thinking about putting a velomobile body on it and the mounting points will need to be brazed on. The bike is brazed with no welding at any point.
    My next tadpole will be TIG welded. Just to be different and also because I am going to build the bike to sell. OF course it will have a motor on it. It will also have Chrome molly tubing as this build is a bit heavy....but it really is not all that noticed even when I am just pedaling with the drive belt off. It really rolls well and straight.

    The tires are Schwalbe Big Apple 26 inch rear and 20 inch front. They are like having a suspension on all three wheels. Amazing tires. The sidewalls with the reflective whitewalls are great at night. You can see me from the side a mile away.

    I have a V brake on the back and front disk brakes. This thing stops on a dime and is very stable and straight when braking at speed.

    The GEBE engine kit got me 170 MPG at 35 MPH on my other bike and I am getting over 190 MPG at over 40 MPH on this new build probably due to the improved aerodynamics.

    The red gas tank will be replaced with an aluminum 2 gallon spun tank that I am going to tig weld next week. The headrest is from a junked Honda and the seat is from an older recumbent I had. It is adjustable just as the pedals. I am going to replace the 3rd ring at the front with a larger unit because when at speed with the engine, I still like to pedal....and I want to go even faster!

    When I ride it, I am always getting stares and when stopped I get a whole lot of questions.
    I even have had a guy in a pickup truck follow me home and took some photos. I am probably the most photographed bike rider in Ohio right now. Constant photos from many many people. The local Harley Davidson riders sure love this thing too.

    Here are some photos:
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