For a long time I was afraid to try building a tadpole because of the headtubes
I couldn't weld very good.
I can't follow directions.
some days I have very low self confidence.

Finally one day I went for it. If you follow Brad's plans one step at a time it is not that hard.

My first one looks like crap, but after a year and hundreds of miles, and many bumpy jarring dirt roads, its still in one piece.

My second one looks better.

Now I am going to try a third one. This time one handed!

-------Here we go---

Close enough is good enough.
These to head tubes are close enough. The Warrior plans show how to make them exactly the same.

When I took it apart I took a picture to remind me which way the bearings face when I put it back together.

Next I used an old tube to drive out the bearing cups.

I like to soak old greasy parts in dish washing soap, it's made to cut grease.
I couldn't get the bearing race off one handed so I used my ex-wife's toothbrush to clean it. ( Ssh. don't tell her.)