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Thread: Uncle Fred's Linear Pedalling Idea

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    Default Uncle Fred's Linear Pedalling Idea

    Uncle Fred told me of a different way of powering a bike, using linear pedalling.

    I have started building some linear pedals for my F-RQ, and thought trhe AZKrew might want to see how I have attacked this idea.

    Liberate the cranks from the BB spindle mounts

    Build a pair of freewheels with sprockets on opposite sides of the freewheels. This is to make sure you have a left side and a right side freewheel. These will be attached to the front gear cluster, to enable both cranks to individually drive the gears, or both cranks to drive at the same time.

    Close up of the thin freewheels I am using. I got them from the local flea market for $2 ea.

    Purchase some decent door rollers, I am using sliding door rollers capable of supporting 34kgs per 4 wheels, and make a bracket to hold the rollers.

    Here you can see the rollers inside the track they run on.

    Marry the liberated cranks to the new brackets, making sure the pedals are facing the correct way.! Mine are actually welded on wrong! I now have the pedals mounted to the back of the crank! DER!


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