Finally I stopped just planning and started my first diy-project. Actually I count it as welding practise, but the project is about to produce a HighRoller.

It has been a great therapy for me to build the bike and I have enjoyed it so much. Of course there has been quite a lot of trials, errors and fixes but I'm quite happy with the outcome so far
It has taken about two weeks to get here, a couple of hours per day. I hope my neighbours haven't got totally fed up with me and my grinder.

So here is the status today.

I'm trying to find the pulley for the power side of the chain and it seems to be quite a challenge (with low budget, I mean).
The bike feels very stable and solid and it rolls great even with those old semi-slick MTB-tires. I can hardly wait to get it out for a real test ride.

I'll post some pics later when I get some proceedings.