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P.S In your first post you used larger then normal font and bold font. That is considered yelling and causes people to get defensive.
Lol OK my bad I did not no this forum Considered this yelling I thought it was cap locks to that I do say I'm sorry it is something I have done for years. I was excited that I had found this page Bought the streetfighter plans and as stated I read the plans from front to back and was unable to find how much of the square steel I needed so I did not need to run back(I hate running back and forth)I have found some of the stuff that I need Chicago Die Casting 95006 Pillow Block - Chicago Die Casting for $23.96 x 4 all of them as for the axle stainless steel rods one's a large store was throwing away thy were used to hold up the man-cans. now to start on the other Items am I able to replace the steel with the equivalent in aluminum that would hold the same as the steel?