Hi, I am a total newbie, so be nice to me, I have just bought a set of plans for the Wildkat and 2 other bikes. I find the Wildkat very appealing and have started building.

What I am thinking is...

1. For simplicity, going to handlebar steering.
2. Instead of having a 2 piece top boom, just run one long piece, once again for simplicity.

One more dumb question, in the plans you mention "Head tube angle varies wildly on many long wheelbase recumbents, and with some over seat steering models the head tube angle is made extremely steep in order to reduce the tiller effect of the long gooseneck and bring the handle bars closer to the rider. This is an ugly sacrifice that makes your bike look and handle more like a chopper than a well behaved long wheelbase recumbent.

On my first bike I would like handle bar steering mostly for the simplicity, is there some advantgages to increasing the headtube angle like some other manufacturers do. The easyracer does this and it seems to be respectable bike.

I appreciate your thoughts.