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    Hi all,

    I live in Poole, Dorset. Its a beautiful part of the UK with plenty of great offroad and road tracks around our beautiful harbour. And there is about 15 miles of promenade along the back of the beach - perfect for a good cruise on a big bike or trike.

    The problem is that the place is popular and parkign near the beach is a ***** in the holiday season. So I came accross the quandry - how do I make a vehicle that will safely transport me and my daughter on both concrete promenade and also off road - and do it fast.

    So I made meself a double front wheeled trike after beign inspired by the Piaggio MP3 scooter. The brief beign to have the front wheels just inside the width of the handlebars and a simple parellelogram suspension system. It was very very crude and only steered on the central steering tube - but boy it was fun and I found it almost impossible to fall off even on a banked hard turn at 20 mph on gravel.

    So I am now on v2.2 of my vehicle that I call 'The Lobster' on account of its 2 x 26" front MTB wheels and its long tail. It is simply awesome to ride - I have never had so much fun. You can really hammer it offroad and know that you arent going to get thrown off going round a corner and its a totally different 'ride' - I guess its more of a drive with those big bars above the front wheels - you feel very much in control of any situation.

    I have driven it on pebbly muddy tidal flats without falling off and wet sand is no problem either. Looking forward to test it on ice.

    So i am keen to share this with you all and learn some better ways of doign it so that I can further refine it - one favour - please just call it a Lobster not a 'tadpole trike' - its much more Lobster than tadpole.

    I am currently working on the interchangeable transport pod that fits on the front and working on self centering suspension system that I am going to keep under my hat until I am sure there is no intellectual property in it.

    I woudl love to hear from anyone who has also attempted this completely awesome new strain of HPV's and in particular people who may be able to advise me how to get the geometry as best as it can be (Atomic Zombie - builders book helped me a lot).

    I have also built the thing out of mild steel so that I can quickly tack on new brackets or change geometry with the welder. So I need to learn how to make this out of lightweight material and get it near to professional standard as I want to make and sell them. Love to hear advice on this and what tools can be used to weld/form ally tube cheaply and effectively...

    I also am short on how to best make bearings for the suspension wishbones and central pivot - as you can see I have just used a bottom bracket and crank for my centre pivots which works very well and is very strong but the wheel pivots are just made from mild steel rod with a thread cut on one end for a lock nut. They work fine now but will wear with time.

    I also need to make a dual disc brake system for the front wheels - I see that you can buy these but I am not spendign £300 ($500) on a brake lever. I am told I may be able to hack a motor scooter brake lever and reservior and just use a pair of standard hydraulic discs?

    I will upload some photos when I figure out how to, you can see one on my profile pic.

    I challenge you to build a LOBSTER yourself - you'll be hooked forever and boy to people look suprised when you go from upright to banked over at 30 degrees around that corner.
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