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    A random act of kindness, it's like giving blood, if you haven't given in a while, perhaps it's time.
    A local man stopped in to say hello this afternoon. He's 60 or better rides an old mountain bike & hunts can's and such along the roads. You could see him in two different communities on any given day. I'm sure he travels further on that bike daily then a lot of people do in their cars. I used to give him what bottles I had around and once set out two large boxes of bottles when I was cleaning out a rental. Of course that was back when we used to have bottles here and I don't drink pop or soda of any kind. His brother-in-law is a millionaire contractor (less then honest one) and this guy drives a rusty old mountain bike. Anyway, we talk now and then so I took the chance to open up the garage and show him my trike. He was pretty excited about it and asked lots of questions. I took a quick pedal around the yard and if it was further along or at least had a seat I would have let him take it for a ride.
    He got to talking about his bike when I noticed his back wheel. There was no rubber on the outer side walls and the tube was sticking out in a couple of places. He said he bought the entire rear wheel in another community at a secondhand store. I thought to myself "man did they take advantage of him" They should have paid him to take it away! So I asked if he'd like another tire and he asked if I had one to sell him. I said "come with me and we'll round something up for you." and we went out back to find one. We put it on together, both a tire & a tube. He asked how much did I want for it I replied don't give it a second thought it's just a second hand tire. I think he knew better, both were actually new. Well it was no grand gesture, I'm no Oprah, I didn't open a school for girls in Africa but still it felt pretty good all the same. Actually I walked by that expensive 29er upside down in the garage with no rear wheel on it and a feeling of generosity began to come over me then that sound went off in my head, the one where someone pulls the needle across the old vinyl record and I remembered, "That's right thieves took the last good bike he had this one wouldn't last the night and it would be gone!"
    Not looking for a medal, I was less then an angel in my youth and like "Earl Hickey" I have my share of sins to repay. LOL But all the same it was just a tire & tube and I know I got much more out of it then he did.
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