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    I know it's a tool question but I posted one in a tool thread about an auto darkening welding helmet a couple weeks ago and still haven't received a reply! LOL Don't worry I PM'd graucho and he helped me out and I ordered one on the 14th. Thought maybe I'd been blacklisted there for while! LOL I got excited a few minutes ago when Canada Post came to the door but upon opening the package I found it was the 3 washing machine pumps and 3 transmission couplers I ordered. Great Deal though! Last time it cost me $97. Canadian for one pump here and I ordered what would have been $400. worth of parts here for $55.70 US.
    Anyway back to the Magnets. I've seen some using them to hold there steel in place before welding and I'm very, very interested! Which ones are the most used, most needed, most versatile and roughly what are they worth? I noticed when I looked at a few websites that they say 10lb, 25lb etc. is that how much weight they will hold.
    Any advice will be appreciated. I'll likely just buy a couple of the most versatile first, unless of course I find some great deal, Until then I guess I should try Wikipedia, Research! Research! Research! That's usually my first step. LOL
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