well, starting my project so far has been completely humiliating and disappointing. i dont seem to have a sense for metal, if you follow me. it sooo heavy, cold and hard! not like paper at all, lol!
The metal cutting tools are not working the way i hoped. i had no idea cutting metal was so "violent", lol and now i think i dont have the right angle grinding disk for cutting metal, cant believe i missed that, i just bought a kit and thought it would have everything i needed. and the blades for saw jaw is for aluminum. i might have to cut the metal by hand. the casting furnace i am building is a bit of a disaster Will try to put the drill press up tonight.
the only salve as i post the pics(i also posted on a welding forum as not many here do the gas torch thingy) is that i wont see people's faces as they laugh.

I used 18ga sheet metal for both weeks except last night, so i used minimal settings for both the flux core and gas torch:
first week
My flux core welding was so bad i decided to focus on gas welding
fluxcore front-metal boogers galore
fluxcore detail
fluxcore back

I just wanted to make a puddle and move it a few inches. all i got was soot
Acet was about 3 and oxy was about 10 setting, using a size 0 tip on all my gas welding
gas - front

gas back
This week, I had about the same results on 18 Ga steel, although I did get more comfortable with setting up my gas tanks without the feeling i might blow myself up.
Re - I tried the 16 GA 3 inch square tubinig last night. I used a firebrick under my work instead of leaving the metal on the welding table once again all i was trying to do is make a simple molten puddle and move it a few inches, nothing but black soot over burnt metal