I just bought the plans for the M2. Also, I have ordered the Bicycle Builders Book.

I've been reading the threads in the forum and have some questions.

Does anybody think the hard tail design of the original marauder was better the the M2? Making the M2 version with the suspension does appear to simplify the construction a bit.

I would like to use 700C wheels instead of 26 inch wheels. I believe this would raise the height of the back end by about an inch. What design issues would I need to consider if I went down this path? I believe the rear triangle on a mountain bike is deep enough to take the extra inch of radius but I fear that the cantilever brakes normally supplied with this type of bike would not have enough adjustment capability to compensate. Is it possible to hack the break mounts on the rear triangle without damaging the structural integrity of the triangle to use the brakes with this type of modification?

Also, I saw that somebody had made what appeared to be a slightly taller version of the marauder with a cross over chain system as found on many tandems instead of the system with the tube and an overlapped chain. I think this approach is cleaner, but does it add enough to warrant making the bike taller to support it? I like the low profile of the marauder and the fact that you can support it by resting your hand on the ground.

I also like under the seat steering, but I read the explanation of the steering method implemented and think that may be ok.

John Hayes