Perigee: The point on a satellite’s orbit when it’s closest to the earth.

I bought the Tomahawk plans because I had asked Brad to design a low racer. I had started one of my own design back in Janurary Low Racer Thread but decided I wouldn't get it done in time for the Februrary HPRA event, I wound up racing my rike. I used the stays to start a Highroller project but it too stalled for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is that I'd rather ride than build. So I cut the stays back off the Highroller and prepared them for use on the Perigee.

I fabricated the first few tubes and added the gussett mentioned in the plans because I'm a fat boy.

Angles were measured, tacks were made and alignment was double checked. Shortly after this picture was taken my welder quit.

So this is where everything stands right now. My welder should be back from the shop next week and I can continue. Once again the February deadline looms. Hopefully I can get this completed in time. I don't want to race the trike again. The treaded tires made so much noise on the Velodrome that they started calling me "The Tractor".