So far for my build I have manged to find a matching pair of 20 inch Huffy girl bikes for 13 dollars. But, for the life of me, I have not been able to find a 26 inch mountain bike with more than 21 gears and Shimano parts. I have cruised every second hand store, Salvation Army ,and check Craigslist every day but so far, nothing. You would think that with the season and hard times that someone would be letting their old bike go for some easy cash. I wanted to build a Delta Wolf but that would require a freewheel rear hub so I am being flexible and going with the Warior if I can find that elusive mountain bike with a rear cassette. I just want to get going but need a donor to show me which direction to go. I bought a Salamander to heat my garage and a new welding mask to make the welding easier but it looks like I may have to wait until the garage sales start up for a donor. I really wanted to have the trike done by spring. CRAP!