I have no better term for this, but in the drawing I link below, you can see how the designer has drawn the pedals. There looks to be a bearing in the middle, and one on ether side, so that the output is transferred straight to a shaft on the left (from the top down view).

Has anyone ever built pedals like this? How do you think you'd go about such a build?


My current work around theories....

1: Install regular BB, and chain to jack shaft, keep all the derailleurs in the center like a regular build, then final drive from the jack shaft to the rear wheel (without any derailleurs - just a straight 1:1 drive)

2: Fabricate 4 identical arms, and build or steal form other pedals parts. Bolt from each arm onto either side of pedal axle. (so the whole thing can be disassembled should a pedal bearing crater.) Use a pillow block bearing in the middle, and surface mount on the right and left. Small sealed bearings for the pedals.

3: Modify a set of 4 equal length crank arms, manufacture your own pedals, and install 3 BBs in a straight line. Figure a way to bolt a drive shaft onto the left side of the left BB. (hmmmm this is starting to sound like the AZ method here)