Multi-functional Adjustable Jig in Columbus (MAJiC)

I have built 4 bikes so far and I seem to spend alot of time clamping and un-clamping everything together in alignment for welding, then finding out that something slipped and threw everything out of alignment which would make me start over. Or I am setting up or taking down my work space and equipment so it is out of the way. So since the weather has been good for the last couple of weekends I decided to build a jig with built in clamps that will hold a frame for welding and can be left up and does not take up much space. this is what I have so far. The backbone is two 1"x3" 14ga rectangular tubing spaced 1.5" apart. I am using 5/16th in bolts spaced 4" apart to squeeze the backbone together as a clamp. I made the leveling bolts out of 3/8th in carriage bolts and nuts, one nut is welded to the bottom and the nut on top is for locking the leg in place
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wide view, about 80% done ----------------- side view of welding table attached to leg

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closeup of welding table you can see the-------- Jig for rear dropouts already set
clamps I made on the table and in use-----------for height and width of rear tire