Hi All, Proud to be here. I've been a "watcher" and learner for a while here and am continually amazed at the creativity. I'm in N.W. Florida and was inspired to look into building a bike by my son's needs. He is 26 but about 14 mentally. He is overweight (due to his syndrome). He has limited balance (requiring 3 wheels) but can talk me into most anything (within $$). SO. We looked for a trike that he could ride. Most were eliminated due to weight (260lbs). Almost all were above my paygrade. Thus the Net search. FOUND the Zombie. Bought 7 kit plans to learn from. Have designed and redesigned to meet his requirements. Now have almost all the parts. Have a welder and a garage. Many drawings (used the Paint program on computer). He is as excited as I am. He has several friends interested in the concept. It has been over a year in planning and gathering but I hope to begin melting stuff together soon. Atomic Zombie has provided much to educate me/us and I look forward to sharing.